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Default Re: throttle handle bracket nub

Originally Posted by heyscuba View Post
ok,... got ya,... no worries,
but like you signature says, "ya gotta have a sense of humor"
so I had a little chuckle seeing all those 'heavy' (as you put it) groceries on the handle bars all the while you where worried about safety issue's,...
that doesn't look like a safe way to ride to me, but have at it man,...
HaHa! I know what you mean........One should be cautioned!
Been doing it that way for over thirty years! Figured it out after I over grew the B.M.X. trick bikes and started going across town on mountain peddle bikes [can't beet the durability] I still prolly look like a circus bear on the mountain bikes. tho Down hill forks leave miles of room for grocery's etc. with out having tire contact issues. I only had to run ins with it early on some 20 years ago then never again after the triple tree down hill style forks.
Originally Posted by Goat Herder View Post
I dunno
The stock throttle is not bad and I understand why folks want to mount them the way they do. That's how some of my friends did it. I have subscribed to the idea of as heavy duty as I can get. Then pray for no surprises. I have use the stock throttle with out drilling. It actually worked pretty well for me. Grocery bags would still occasionally work them loose where by I just re-tightened them. I love the metal throttles I bought they will out live me!
Still gotta have a since of humor.
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