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Okay guys. We've had this thread going for a long time with some good honest discussion. Don't ruin it with the auguments and hostilities like several others recently. If you have strong feelings either way, post them once then go on about your business, don't come back and flame the next guy just because his opinions differ from yours.
I can and will shut this thread if you can't behave like adults and have a civil discussion.

Now with that out of the way I'll respond to the gentleman who quotes thatsdax regarding the use of Opti-2. Duane (dax) happens to be a neighbor and a friend. We ride together often and all but one of my engines came off Duane's shelf. He scoffs at me and tells me I'm going to ruin my motors if I continue using this Opti-2. He's been saying that for over a year...I'm still riding, right next to him and a few times leaving him behind with my engines that are, according to him and others who have not tried the oil, going to blow apart at any minute. Hasn't happened yet.

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