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Originally Posted by Blakenstein View Post
The manufactures of my motor do not sell oil!!!! The dealers of my motor do not sell oil!!!!!
NOBODY BUT NOBODY is ever gion to tell me what ratio to use but the manufacturers of my motor because they made it. So wait a minute here. Some one is trying to tell me that they know more than the engineers and designers that made my motor and to go else where?????
Sorry dude but I gotta go by what they say, and they do know what they are talking about . The engine requirements come from the MANUFACTURER and NOT the dealer . The dealers of my motor are nowhere near this forum. They are a very big outfit and they got better things to be doing. They do not play around.

The manufacturers of my motor say not to use synthetic and that's for a reason.
They know a whole lot more than you and a whole lot more than me and anyone here at this forum or anywhere else about my motor
Then obviously the oil manufacturers and all the people in this forum have to be wrong because YOU or the manufacturer of YOUR motor say so?
The manufacturer of YOUR motor must not have tried the OPTI 2 in testing, but the owners of the motors (Myself incuded) are doing live testing and the manufacturers of YOUR motor would benefit by leaving ancient world views behind and try putting their business in the 21st century by at least checking out modern products that have been proven for quite some time now.
You seem to have forgotten that there are more "experts" in this world than the manufacturers of YOUR motor, there is also the manufacturer of the OILS. The people that produce the oil do more than just pump out an oil and put it up for sale, they test engines with it to determine effects of their product on the motors and give honest results to the public so the individual can make a decent decision with the options available. Since the manufacturer of YOUR motor does not sell oil, then maybe the manufacturer of the oil is the opinion that matters, they are the ones that really want your repeat business. OPTI 2 is proven and I for one will never use another oil in MY motor.

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