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Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
i don't think it's necessary. i've never had to re-jet a stock carb yet.

i've built 6 bikes that all have opti2 at 100:1 from the very first start.

one i rode daily for over a year, racked up about 7500 miles, full throttle everyday, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. cylinder walls are perfect, piston is perfect, and still running the same plug, and it's perfect.

there's no blow-by, no scoring, and no detonation hot spots or carbon deposits on the piston.

i'm 100% positive my rings are seated. if they're not seated by now, i think i'd know about it.

if you took the time to read this whole thread, you'll notice the only detractors are the people who've never tried it. and out of everyone who uses it, there's only 2 people who've had problems, and one of them was me. and both problems were from switching over from regular oil on older engines.

this thread speaks for itself as proof that it works. unless anyone who advises you against it has tried it, tested it, compared it, and documented it, and showed it wasn't good for these motors, don't listen to them. they're just going by what the "experts" say.

and i don't see any of those "experts" on this forum. they're all sitting behind a desk trying to unload cases of their particular brand of "better" oil.

i will never use another oil in my bike.

as far as a dealer not warrantying an engine if you use Opti2, i'd go somewhere else. if/when i start selling bikes and kits, i'm gonna tell people i won't warranty it if they use any oil but opti2.

that's how much i believe in it.
There are a few people on this forum that I really pay close attention to when they post. Bairdco is one of those people. I have noticed that he speaks the truth and has a good deal of experience, about bikes, frames, components and motors.

Typically I dis-like a quoted post that is this long but sometimes it is important to repeat what has been said. I know I made up my mind on this subject a long time ago. The people I respect on this forum have used and liked Opti2 in their motors from day 1. I will do the same. Any 2-stroke motor I may have in the future will get Opti2 from day 1.
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