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Default Re: BlowByU Full Belt Drive Felt Magno Build

Hi all
Well here is the latest for the Magno

springer.jpg OK this is what I REALLY wanted this Monark BUT it is 1 inch and threaded the Magno uses 1 1/8 thread-less plus there is no way to do a fender on a Monark so this is out as the Magno's appeal is the cool fenders

IMG_0851_25994739_std.jpg My second choice was this Cool Black springer it can use the fenders BUT it is 1 inch thread and that would mean doing a conversion so that is out because I really like the threaded-less on the Magno because it is clean looking and modern compared to the threaded.

SANY0268.jpg So this was the only choice it is 1 1/8 and it is thread-less it has provisions for a fender. It does not have the mounts for V brakes so it is extra clean looking it also has adjustable ride ie soft or hard plus it has provisions for disc brakes if the buyer wants to upgrade. The end result will look more like a Whizzer OH and it is black so no painting is required there are a few decals but they can be easily removed.

SANY0269.jpg This picture show the NO mounts for V brakes clean looking


Well the fact that I can't have a Monark is disapointing but I think the shock is a much better fit and the price well it was 75 bucks after tax so that was another plus.

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