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Default Grace: My baby from start to finish

Here is my first build for myself that i just recently finished....well sorta.

It started off by catching the motorized bicycle trend when i borrowed a whizzer from my brother in law and cruised with a friend who slammed a china girl motor into an old schwinn stingray.

Since the whizzer wasnt mine i couldnt modify it and i really didnt like that. So i jumped on craigslist and found a Schwinn Jaguar frame that was about to go to the dump. It had no rear wheel, no gears, no brakes, front tire was shot, but this frame was perfect because it was the beach cruiser frame i was looking for but it had hand brake posts front and rear. This is what she looked like after i added a rear wheel.

After cleaning her up a bit i flipped the handle bars for a vintage look and welded up an really lay back seat post. These two simple mods really changed the look of the bike.

I hated the paint color and style and was on a budget so i sanded her down to bare metal all by hand, and i swear i will never, ever, ever do that again. It took forever and getting in every nook and cranny was a real pain. Her she is with all naked.

I ordered a Skyhawk GT5 with CNS GenB carb from, but since i live in good ole' california they can't, by smog law, ship me the motor. So taking advantage of my sister moving to Texas a couple years ago i had it shipped to her and she sent it to me. I open it up all excited just to see it was the wrong motor and carb. GREAAAAT! I shipped it back to Kings and they still had to ship the right one back to Texas and then it was finally sent to me. While all this was going on i had the frame and fork powder coated and got a rear wheel, new tires, a rear brake, and a new chain. I just got the motor installed and all dialed in. i have been riding her daily to break her in. Meet Grace:

She will soon be getting a vintage bullet headlight, some sort of tail light, and a vintage seat.
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