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Default Re: throttle handle bracket nub

I seen many bars bend up in my B.M.X. days. I think possibly the sad thing is some ultra cheap Chinese handle bars failing. To each there own I am not gonna drill holes to mount the engine or a chain teinsoiner ever ether. But that's just me. You guys can drill away if ya want to.

I don't like to spend my time on the bike wandering what will fall apart a freak fracture. So no you cannot and will not ever talk me into it. I spent my entire life on bikes and still peddle more than the motorized and yes even with a hundred pounds on the front. I haul my life there.

I am over six feet tall [built like a lumber jack] and to save my lower back I get over the bars and lean into mine way more than a seat on the back tire set up. I disperse my body weight over to the bars already touring peddle stance. . A 135 pound guy may just be a little different.
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