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Here's some reading for you backyard custom bicycle builders it's a free e-Book for you to download e-books for backyard bicycle builders.

Straight out of 1919 comes Lorn Campbell Jr. with his Oxy-Acetylene Welding/Brazing Manual.

Here's the download pdf Link

Some members have stated that they would like to read or have more information about oxy/fuel welding aka Brazing.

Here's another I am an information junkie. When it comes to anything Iím interested in, I want to know everything about it. Iím constantly on the search for new information, new ways to learn things, the history behind how this became that and why it works that way. So Iím always on the search for cheap or free ways to get my hands on that info, which is one of the reasons I spend so much time scouring and searching the web. For an information junkie, it is the promised land.

Some of you may recall my post from way back in 2009 about the free e-book Motor Bicycle Building.

Yes I have been on another OCD binge for information to share with our visitors and forum members.

Recently, Iíve come across a huge stash of old books in pdf format, that I believe provides a huge amount of insight and knowledge to the backyard, do it yourself bicycle builder. These two books cover things like Oxy Acetylene welding, metal casting, the use of specific hand tools and much more.

The books are old - from the late 1800ís and early 1900ís, which you might think makes them outdated - I think it makes them even cooler. While time, and technology may have evolved new techniques, possibly even better techniques - it does not make the methods that were done in the past any less effective. Just because methods and practices may have evolved, doesnít mean the old way of doing things was wrong - it also doesnít always mean the new way of doing things is better.

Part of the fun of learning something is being able to share it with someone who has the same passion for it as you do. Hopefully youíll learn something from them, maybe it will even help you solve a problem or figure out a better way to do something with your current build - if nothing less, I think youíll find it an interesting read from a historic prospective.

So the second book up is an old one from 1918 - Oxy-Acetylene Welding Practice by Robert Kehl. As the title pages says its ďA practical presentation of the modern processes of welding, cutting and lead burning, with special attention to welding technique for steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, and brass.

Here's the second e-book Link for Oxy-Acetylene Welding Practice from 1918 by Robert Kehl.

Want more information about ARC MIG TIG or Brazing welding processes, then stay tuned to this thread / sub-forum!

Any forum members who have information to share about ARC MIG TIG, and oxy/acetylene gas welding / brazing please share it here.

Peace Crazy Horse.
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