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Originally Posted by MountainMage View Post
:::Stumbles through the finish line hitting the ground breathing manically:::

I can't believe I made it through this novel of a thread whoo.. I'm getting my new Grubee Super rat 66cc tomorrow and I'm seriously considering running 100:1 from the beginning. A couple posts back someone mentioned getting a smaller carb jet. Does anyone else think this is necessary?

Using A SYNTHETIC at the beginning will cause your rings never to seat The AMSOIL sponsoring mechanic who has a radio car-talk show here urges you to break your new motor in with conventional lubrication.

In an AUTOMOBILE he said several thousand miles. Since we are using a 2 stroke which has twice as many power strokes and only 1 cylinder I am confident the China-Motor-manufacturer's "destructions" to be gentle for a tank or two will be good before switching to full synthetic.

I went 4 tanks on a new motor and when the label peeled off'n the motor I noticed it started easily and it was broke in

I am using AMSOIL now

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