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Default Re: To jackshaft or not to jackshaft..

I enjoyed the J shaft personally best for these reasons. The engine Idles and coast like a dream. Gas on then a perfect quiet normal bicycle again to where I could hear tires scrubbing the pavement etc no obnoxious rattling chain. I found personally that without the gears I would tend to go too fast everywhere in light of not bogging down the motor. So it calmed me down considerably going through neighbor hoods where speed would be obnoxious to others, and made me a much more safer driver. Then of course gears. Last the gas mileage for me was about 20 more miles to the gallon in light of the superb coasting ability, I think really contributed to that.

You have to consider keeping good chains with it tho. If that part troubles you just keep it to a single speed. The derailleur gear chain for me was good to about 3000 miles stretching it. A fair second sometimes sooner with the rest of the chains. If you set it up right it can be rewarding.

With the chains out of the equation I think one direct chain to the rear wheel can pull more raw torque to the pavement . Depending on what your really wanting from it? Gears can prolly easily make up for that tho.

Setting up the chains perfect is key to this set up in my H.O. slack etc. I have not tried the newest kit looks like this is accomplished very nicely now.
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