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Over the years I've had both 2 and 4 stroke engines in my bikes.
I hate to say this in print, but the China doll does have several design flaws (mostly repairable or modifiable) and reliability problems if not fueled and maintained properly
(as do all small engines).
In this aspect, my friction drive,rack mounted 31cc Honda 4 stroke GX30 engine was easier to live with day to day than the average frame mounted left side drive china doll (if not a bit boring performance wise and ungainly in appearance).

This next part is purely subjective on my part so PLEASE don't flip out you 4 stroke guys out there!

Now we come to my real point, 2 strokes are just plain cooler than 4 strokes.
I find a 4 stroke has to have at least twice the displacement of a 2 stroke to generate any kind of excitement.
The current crop of 4 strokes available for M/Bs still look like weed whackers to me, and don't look like they belong mounted in a bike frame.
Whereas the China doll LOOKS like it belongs bolted into a bike frame(let alone the mighty Morini).
It all comes down to subjective choice...
I still like the china doll for its easy maintenance and repair ability, but it doesn't have the "holly s--t" factor of the Morini.
4 strokes have some catching up to do style wise before they attain the "cool" factor.
What ever you choose, ride it like you stole it, have fun and take care of it with regular maintenance.
Its a big sport/hobby with lots of room for personal interpretation...
Keep em shiny side up...
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