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Default re: sprocket and adaptor

Hi gphil,

I have a Cranbrook.
Yes, it is has a Falcon Hub.
Yes. the website says it will work.
You will need the clam shell adapter with the oversize spoke openings, available next week.
Buuuuut, there is some conflicting info. as to:

a. the hubs falling apart. (from my readings, some seasoned MBers are using it, no problems) I think the ones who have the hubs coming apart are those not adjusting the hub properly.
b. hub size and clam shell size. (manufacturer says shims are no good, others say it works. Probably its less concentric, but usable. Also, another vendor suggested to shave the inner diameter of the adapter if to small.)

My differences hub vs hub are .005 - .006"
hub vs cs adapter .010"
1.522-1.528" clam shell sprocket adapter
1.539-1.548" falcon hub 1
1.533-1.543" falcon hub 2 (new)

c. manufacturer and justin at pirate does not suggest using , but its STILL on the site saying its compatible.

(some may suggest you buy a rear coaster brake wheelset with a cb 110e hub to ensure a proper fit.) ---> more $$$...

a micrometer can be bought on the cheap at harbor freight tools btw.

2door is right, ask justin at pirate.

FYI Justin's website is:

I guess i'm not so mechanically inclined, and I couldn't get the rag joint sprocket adapter to fit properly. But I think many couldnt get the sprocket to remain concentric as well.

Theres alot of good people in here willing to assist.

Good Luck!

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