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Default Re: Starting from stops?

Right on, 2door. Also, my Motobecane has a variator clutch which has three centrifugal circuits. One for pedal starting, one for taking off from dead stops, and a pulley system giving it a transmission. Very low gears for starting, transitioning into a higher ratio for speed. On the other hand, My Garelli has an internal wet clutch that is very efficient and does not overheat. That is not to say that the chinese clutches can't be improved. I think I saw someone on this forum experimenting with different puck matrerials. McMaster Carr sells clutch and brake material with different friction ratings. Have to be careful not to go with a real hard lining and warp the plates. A shift kit (jackshaft) solves most of the take-off problems. Even my Whizzers and Briggs bikes with slipper belt clutches won't take off from a dead stop without squealing and grabbing. Automatics solve the problem when you have 4-5 hp, otherwise give the pedals a few strokes and let the clutch out on a roll.
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