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Originally Posted by fundreamer1 View Post
This is all great information from people that have been there and done that. I was wondering if there might be any other ideas or methods that anyone knows of or tried and tell of the results.
This is one of the important steps when dealing with an older bike and when people can show pics (like before and after) that would be great as well. What do you think is the better methods and why?
Just wondering.
As a B.A.T.F.-Licensed C & R firearms collector, I don't have a long skinny vessel to electrolytically de-rust an ancient Mauser, so I squirt some Ballistol onto the piece. letter set overnight, then next day I go over it with 0000 steel wool. Then I solvent de-grease it with naptha so the piece can be re-blued or restored.

Ballsitol is an excellent penetrant, rust preventative and has been a staple in the Werhmacht since 1898. Krauts even used Ballsitol as an antiseptic for minor scrapes and some people took it internally. the stuff smells NASTY! but it works on rust, wood, restores old leather. VERY popular in the trade.

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