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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
i built an actual working brake light, then went really really fast for a coupla hours. raced a Vespa and smoked him...

gotta love living in southern california. was in the 70's near the beach today. supposed to be a little warmer tomorrow.
I would rather smoke a Vespa than a spandexer!
Their easier to keep lit and they taste better!
We didn't ask for a WEATHER REPORT! Your fixing to join Norm up there in Alaska! You guy's will be quite a sight walking on the side of the road.
Maybe we'll outfit YOU with a tight Red tank top, with one size fits all White spandex tights with a "Maine" potato in back with blue flip-flops with those cool little lights that flash as you step!_!
Are you following this!And Paul you could be on the same route!_!Kip.

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