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Originally Posted by wayne z View Post
If you have to use the choke to make it "run right" then it'd NOT running right.

The choke it there for starting and warm up. If you have to use it any other time, you're not getting the most performance from your engine. May be causing premature wear or damage with the mixture lean enough that you have to choke it to run better.[/QUOTE/].

im just going to adjust the carb so I dont have to use the choke for better acceleration and higher top speed. I hate trying to adjust the carb because I always have to have the motor running when i do it, and I end dameaging the screw
What type carb do you have? The only screw adjustment on the stock carbs I know, is for idle speed.
If you need the choke to run right, sounds like running lean.
Try moving the needle clip inside the throttle slide, down a couple notches, this raises the tapered needle, allowing more fuel to richen the mixture.
Another possible cause might be the float level set too low.

Sometimes the gas caps don't vent. If it starts out running OK and starts needing choke after a few munites, try loosening the gascap.

In tank filters sometimes clog early from junk in the new tank. try draining gas into a container to make sure of no restrictons there.

The stock fuel filters don't always filter well. I've had one that you could see the element ratteling around loosely inside when running. Bad filter or no filter could result in trash blocking the carb float needle. To check this, remove float bowl and momentarily turn on fuel petcock. Fuel should dribble freely from under the carb

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