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Hello peolpe.

My name is Gary I'm English and this is my first ever post and I thought if there's ever going to be a safe place to ask for advice it would be in a place like this.

I want to buy a motor kit and if you would be so kind as to tell me the most reliable, value for money and reccomended kit i should buy.

Few things first.....

Im in Victoria Australia.

I'm looking at this as a cheap form of transport to commute to work each day, 30 mins walk each way.

Im happy to settle for the rubbish under 200w law, because Im not going to register the bike and I've heard that if its over 200w it's not allowed on the road?

I get enough excersie from all the sports i play. I just want one of these because it will be great fun to build and ride.

Please give as much help, advice and input as to what engine to buy.
It will be greatly aprecited.

Last thing, i dont even have a frame yet.

Thank you, Gary.
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