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Default Re: am i doing it right?

well i removed link and it was to tight with out the tensioner, i turned the wheel back enough to make it seat itself but not it doesn't quite clear the frame so it has a very small amount of a twist to the chain. anyways i went ahead and finished hooking everything up and then finally fueled it up, but i can't get it running. i thought i almost had it but nothing. i pulled the throttle a few times made sure the petcock was set to the right position (which i later found out was irrelevant since it's leaky) i tried pedaling it with and with out holding down the clutch lever (it's INCREDIBLY hard to pedal this thing right now) but i got nowhere.

any idea what i may be doing wrong? i'm going to readd that link i took out and run the tensioner further back on the frame n hope for the best. but i dont think the chain is why it isn't starting.

any ideas?
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