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Default Re: The best saddle clamp ?

didja buy it from me?

the seat i had is from a company called "rideable replicas" in alameda california. (Rideable Bicycle Replicas

it's only 29.95 plus shipping. that's how much i sold it for on ebay.

it's made in India, and in my opinion, it's a piece of garbage. the front where the spring clips in doesn't fit right, and i had to grind it down to stop it from popping apart. when this happens, the seat opens up like a stapler, and if you happen to be riding at the time... well... you can guess what'll happen.

the seat clamp itself was a real piece of work. it doesn't fit the seat well, and after tightening it, sitting on it and slipping, the knurls were already stripped on it. i used a clamp from an old troxel seat i had that was the same design.

it was on my buddy's bike for one day, then i sold it.

i had another hairpin, a "Special Gents" seat, which was made in Japan around the 60's for their 3 speed, Raleigh-style/Mormon cruisers and it was a pretty nice seat. didn't have any problems with the clamp on that one. that's the seat on my black and copper bike (my avatar.)
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