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Default Re: take a tip...leave a tip...or a bunch of 'em

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
Don't try to use your clutch to take off.

What do you mean by using clutch to take off?

I always pedal a bit, get a bit of speed like the initial start of riding a bicycle before the actual accelerating and riding part, apply some throttle, let got of the clutch, and throttle on. I stop pedaling as soon as the throttle kicks in and I can hear it, and it'll be a low speed and then rev up quickly.

Am I doing it right or should I pedal to a higher speed before letting go of the clutch?

And how much heavier does the bike become after you put lead into the handlebars? Really want to reduce vibration, but I struggle enough as it is to lift the bike... Which I have to do when I get home to put it onto the steps to make room...
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