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Default Re: trouble with rear sprocket/chain

Originally Posted by brucemg51 View Post
I've spent the better part of a day aligning the chain with the front and rear sprockets and making sure the chain isn't rubbing on the frame or tire. But, the chain doesn't seem to want to mesh smoothly with the rear sprocket. It keeps binding up and coming off the sprocket. It makes a lot of noise even when it does manage to stay on for a while. Any hints as to how to smooth it out?
You should mount the rear sprocket the way the factory designed it! (don't try to change things around.)
The tire will be fine if the chain rubs it a little... if it really bothers you, you can put on a smaller tire.
& last... bend the chain tensioner however it takes to where it feeds the chain nice & straight onto the rear sprocket!
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