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I will certainly be taking my time. Haven't even bought the kit yet, still looking at different kits and thinking of it all. The cheap one from ebay is a slant head, which after doing a little bit of research seems to be harder to get performance parts for and even extra parts. As of now I am leaning for the Wizard as it will cost a little bit less. And frankly I like the way that it is presented a little bit more. Mounting the engine is really the only thing I am still trying to figure out. Do these kits work on bikes with more than just the rear gears? Like a 21 speed or something? I suppose that it would be plausible to just disable that portion of the bike wouldn't it?

I understand that the quality on these kits is not going to be great but that's ok. I can fix most of it anyway and plan to over time. It'll be a good project for me to add my little fixes and whatnot on it.

I'll fix the electrical before it ever goes on the bike. Plan on tearing it down immediately and cleaning it up real nice and lubing what needs it and everything else to make sure that it last just a little bit longer. I'll tear down that itty bitty carb as well and make all the adjustments to it right off the bat, I like my 2 strokes running a tad rich to make sure that everything is nice and lubed up. Most people don't know that you actually get better compression with more oil, which increases power.

I figured that it was bump starting when I couldn't think of another way to do it. Never had to start my dirt bike that way but have known a few other guys that broke off the kick lever and have to every time, haha.

Have you got any other tips for me before I embark on this journey Or links that I need to check out?
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