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Default Re: WOW ! I thought I was on my own...

O NO, I've been talking to a criminal LOL, I wish it where like that here SB, but everything that use's petrol has to be road taxed, insured, and mot'd but even before all that, your two wheeled vehicle built by a shed builder has to go through a MSVA test which they allow 4 hours for and theres no guarantee it will pass, then on top of that theres the DVLA test which is mostly paperwork, thats the easy bit though, the hard bit is getting someone to insure your home made vehicle ! Then thats just getting going lol, theres 4 differant tests took over years just to get a bike licence. Land of the free we are not (I'm not even going to mention getting a mortgage to buy some petrol !)
Sorry mate just read that an it was a bit of a rant lol
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