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Default Re: Rust Removal

I have used both the lemon juice & vinegar and the battery charger method for years now.
Which method I choose depends on the size of the item to be cleaned and the amount of rust to be destroyed...umm...removed.

Both work awesome and both result is a nasty looking solutions that you can dump on the ground with no fear of polluting the environment. They are all natural and biodegradable.

I soak parts in the lemon-vinegar for a day or two. Same with the battery charger method.
A useful tip to help prevent overloading a battery charger: Incorporate about 10 feet of steel rebar wire or utility wire in series with the electrical circuit. It will put about a 3 amp load on the charger to prevent it from thinking there is a dead short and tripping the internal safety circuit breaker. The steel wire will get warm to the touch, but no where near hot. By the way, steel wire is a poor conductor of electricity and that's why it works so well in this application.
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