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Default re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Originally Posted by shellshock View Post
my first engine was from bike berry and it was the cheapest motor i could get befor the Raw motors came out.. it was good at first but when I went over 30mph the bike would shake so bad my hands would go numb after 30 seconds... plus it was freezing cold out so I could not feel the break. I thought there was nothing I could do so I just put up with it.. after a year my motor starting to slow down so I just went ahead and bought a grubee! some people said I would have to place rubber from an old intertube between the motor mounts and the bike frame but I didnt waste my time. Now with the grubee motor I can get up to 45 plus mph "when I adjust the choke right" without anly vibration
If you have to use the choke to make it "run right" then it'd NOT running right.

The choke it there for starting and warm up. If you have to use it any other time, you're not getting the most performance from your engine. May be causing premature wear or damage with the mixture lean enough that you have to choke it to run better.
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