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Default Re: WOW ! I thought I was on my own...

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
Do I understand correctly that Archie is now 5 1/2 years old? Either he's quite big for his age or Dad will need to do the test piloting. I'm guessing Dad is already a motorhead with a full sized motorcycle of his own. Just a thought, but a kiddie trailer pulled behind Archie's bike would permit him to sort of go riding his bike right now. Or maybe a sidecar. What a thing to look forward to, having that bike for his own!
The moped tires are of great interest. I didn't know they came that big as the mopeds I'm familiar with have smaller rims. I have just learned something new, so thanks for that.
Yeah mate he' 5 1/2 next month and it looks like I'll be the test pilot on this one (try and stop me, the build has been done in our living room but never had any fuel in it all the time we've had it as mum does'nt want fumes! health an safety gone mad lol) ,the trailors a great Idea in theory but we've got laws coming out of our backsides concerning ANYTHING with a petrol engine and one of them is no people in a trailer ! Actualy I'll have to look into that as you can tow kids in a bicycle mmmm,
but the sidecar might be a go'er in the future, Archie has a twin sister Freya and along with there mum have been using our family vehicle which is a double adult motorbike an sidecar and they've been traveling to nursery and school going the shops ect since they where six months old.
And the tyres where originally a surprise to me to (they took some googleing),
if it was'nt for them there would be no way you could even touch the road in the UK, looks like I may have opened the market to America ! I wonder if I'll get comission ?
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