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Default Re: Looks a fun hobby

Oh I know that I will want one as well. Considering one for my younger brother who is back in the small town now. He is just now getting into the college thing so it'd be a good ride for him since the college is just down the road from him.

But I've been wanting to build a toilet go-kart type deal and this type engine might be just what I am looking for. Small, 2 stroke, cheap, and parts seem like they'd be pretty easy to come by and if not just get a new motor which is still pretty cheap. It's as expensive as a sprocket and chain set for my dirt bike for the whole motor.

And 2door is that your car in the picture? Looks like a beauty from the tiny picture that I can see.

I love to play with little things like this so hopefully I'll be able to improve a few things and maybe even make a few extra parts in some of my classes. Lots of clubs for things like this on campus so bet that they have got some ideas as well. I will make sure to post pictures once it is done and ready to go. The autoclutch is a great idea and I might consider it but it'd be good for her to learn to ride a real clutch bike for at least a little while. She wants to ride the dirt bike but can't drive a clutch bike at all and with that thing being about 6 inches too tall it is not a good idea to learn on it.

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