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Default Basics

Hello all,

I am new to this forum and had a few questions. The first is how in the heck do you start the ones that don't have a pull start? Also how does the shifter work? I have seen that it is handlebar mounted in most cases. I haven't really seen this addressed in the details of different engines. Now for the million dollar question that everyone asks. What kits do you guys recommend. I have searched the forums here and found several that I like and by like I mean they are cheap. There are a couple of 80cc engines on ebay (which as I have read are not 80cc but 69cc or so) that run about 135 after shipping and are slant head. Is the slant head going to be any different than say a 2 stroke wizard bike engine or a mega motors silver?

Here are links to both of those in order:
Wizard Bike Engine, Skyhawk Bicycle Engines, Spitfire Bike Motor, Howell Motors, Kings Bikes
Mega Motors Silver 48cc Bicycle Engine Kit
and the comparison engine:
BLACK SLANT 80CC MOPED BICYCLE MOTOR ENGINE KIT BIKE - eBay (item 400157864696 end time Jan-23-11 08:44:07 PST)
I realize now that I am going to receive a little bit of punishment for asking these questions but I honestly could not find anything when I did my own research on this forum and on others.

I know a little bit about dirt bikes as I have one that is street legal, though it was legalized during the winter so has not been on the road yet. I have read that mounting hardware needs to be replaced which is fine, the spark plug cap needs to be replaced as well with some parts from autozone which is also fine, wiring needs to be fixed up with some new connectors which I have some left over from dual sporting so that too is fine, but is there anything else that I one should know when doing a build like this. I do plan on commuting about 4 miles with this each week day to classes and such.

Finally I am really just considering 2 strokes at this point as four strokes are heavy, a little tougher to work on, cheaper, and just not quite as much fun as a smoker Besides the dirt bike is a thumper so don't need another one. As for saving the environment, one of these little things at its worst does not do as much damage as my SUV and its 17 mpg.

I hope that you guys are able to help me out and if anyone has questions about dual sporting a dirt bike let me know and I will give you the info that I can though do it in a private message so as not to clog the forums here with information not pertaining to the subject. Thanks everyone.
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