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Default Re: Not a Single MB in Cincinnati

Originally Posted by 5-7HEAVEN View Post
Same here in Honolulu, Hawaii. I've been interested in motored bikes for 3 years now, and I've never seen another one anywhere. Everyone just stares as I pass them by, or they're shocked as heck. I wonder what the bus riders think when I overtake their bus.

Hawaii is the moped capital of the world. Those guys run past my house at all hours of the day and night. I'd love to have a moped or Vespa scooter. However, mopeds get stolen all the time here, and I wouldn't want to worry about mine.

No one looks to steal my bicycle, as they would a moped. However, I still chain my bike's frame, the friction drive and my seat when I park.

Thieves love to steal seats and wheels here.
Talk about trouble in Paradise...

Would not have believed moped thievery is as bad as all that in, of all places, Hawaii.

Why don't you start building and selling MBs?

As far as Cincinnati is concerned, I'm getting out of this place. You can't buy any of the things you want here. Whenever I see something on the internet I'd like to try, I've always got to mail away for it; never is there someone within driving distance selling it.

With the exception of knockwurst and beer, you can't buy anything here.

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