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Default Re: HEET/GasDry, winter riding and frozen jets

TBH as an all season commuter regardless of weather conditions - I gotta say there's no reason in the world to use any sort of gas-line antifreeze or water remover with these lil two strokes.

If you're concerned there may be water in the fuel system, simply drain a bit from the carb bowl. If ya can manage it, drain a coupla tablespoons into a clear glass container - if there's water present, it'll form beads or a layer easily seen on the bottom as water is heavier than gasoline. If there's a lot of water, drain & flush the carb and tank & check your fuel storage can.

Still... having said that, I'm sure I've had more than my fair share of water contamination & it's never been a problem *shrug* Jus' ride the bejabbers outa it
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