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Default Fuel Problems

While scanning ran across the discussion of eng failure in cold weather. Done a lot of flying in my days and carb ice has taken down a many good men. It can happen in warm weather. The venture speeding up the air cools it down etc. I am sure you guys know the drift here. Carb heat was always applied in colder conditions and its source was ducted air from the exhaust system. But more than that my wondering stems from the new fuels made from corn etc. Ethanol I think it is. Local motorcycle shop mechanic says he will not run it in his engines without a stabilizer or octane booster. The fuel makes water and causes all types of problems. Good article in latest Popular Mechanics on just that subject. Oh and by the way the FAA forbids its use in airplanes especially the ones that have been modified for car gas. Ok mull it around. G
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