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Default Re: **whats Wrong With My Cluth?**

Hi Bowler.

Regarding the clutch rod and ball-bearing:

Good news and bad news (mostly good):

First of all, you may still have the ball bearing. It is usually difficult to remove (because it is almost held-in with greasy vacuum), and most people have to remove it with a magnet.

The rod is probably lost somewhere. ThatsDax is currently out of stock, however, you may make one. You may purchase a steel rod of identical diameter from Ace Hardware, and cut your own. The rod goes for about $4.00-$5.00, and is about 5 feet long.

There are two different versions for the length of the rclutch rod (per Duane from ThatsDax).

If you inspect with a flashlight, and see that the ball bearing is also gone, some Ace Stores sell ball the bearings. If your ace doesn't have it, any bicycle shop should have the right bearing.

Does anyone have the specific sizes available?

PS (Never drive bike with clutch box open. The same thing happened to me once)

Send me a personal message if you can't determine the correct sizes.

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