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Default Re: newbee first build

Originally Posted by Hammond Egger View Post
Is unscrewing itself one of the kinks? I've got the same bike, same motor. I think I may have the wide crank installed wrong. There weren't any instructions with it, tried to find some on the net and came up empty. searched on here and came up with nada. Is the pull start breaking every third time you pull it another one of the kinks?
I believe you are right mine did finally unscrew it self and because of the wobble when i took it apart all the bearings were loose took it to bike shop dude took one look at it and said i had it on backwards the one side with the flat sides goes on the right side screwed all the way in pack your bearings full of grease then before you screw in the left side pack the entire tube full of grease and tighten until there is no play then put on locking ring new bearings were a lot better quality and petal a lot smother and only cost 4 bucks i highly recommend you change them
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