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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Still working, in piecemeal fashion, on the Higgins. Trued the new rear wheel with what will likely be called a very unorthodox method: 1) Got an old fork that had a hole drilled for a fender mount. 2) drilled similar hole in two stiff scrap plastic rods. 3) Took tire & tube off rim, bolted naked wheel into fork, clamped fork in bench vise. 4) Bolted ends of plastic rods into fender mount hole such that they lie to left and right of rim. 5) As I turn the rim in the fork, any deviation from true concentricity moves one of the plastic rods over a bit.

It helps me if I can see how much I need to correct the rim. I went at it with the spoke wrench and, when using rubber-lined channel-locks, I put a hand-made wood form inside the rim to prevent folding or warping. That last method takes extra care and goes slow. Luckily, this rim didn't need anything so extreme. It was true enough when I got done that I can't tell if it's moving the plastic rods at all.

Did more work on the headlight housing too, testing the light I plan to use. I think it'll be way brighter than the earlier one.

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