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Default Re: am i doing it right?

Originally Posted by matthurd View Post
i'm running pretty low on clearance so i can't get the tensioner much higher, then i'm 100% positive the chain is not to long, i have trouble to even connect it if i remove an additional link.
Well, hopefully chainmaker will be able to help you because I personally can't even imagine how this is possible; lack of experience maybe.

It's just the fact that after I had shortened mine to the maximum possible between the two sprockets, then rolled the bike backwards to tighten the top of the chain, thus the bottom will be slack, then using the tensioner to push up the slack to make it tight (I did put it quite close to the axis of the back wheel with the little roller near the top of the tensioer) to get my chain completely tight top and bottom, it worked perfectly.

My only guess is your tensioner is too short so it doesn't push the slack high enough to tighten.

Well, no more guessing, hopefully chainmaker can sort this out for you.

Best of luck.
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