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Default Re: am i doing it right?

Originally Posted by bitsnpieces View Post
Yep, it's definitely easier to troubleshoot when you have the bike in front of you, but I still don't think it's the sprocket. A tight chain is a tight chain, irregardless if it's 100% straight or not; unless the sprocket is extremely out which it shouldn't be.

My rear sprocket isn't even 100% tight at the moment; I've only tightened it about 80% or so, and now just need to slowly tighten it bit by bit to get the chain closer to 100% lining up; it's currently around 90%.
Even so, works perfectly.

My guess is your chain is still too long, or the tensioner is too short to push the chain up to tighten it.

Good luck with your bike!

i'm running pretty low on clearance so i can't get the tensioner much higher, then i'm 100% positive the chain is not to long, i have trouble to even connect it if i remove an additional link.
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