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Default Re: Frame failure

Most of us are are ridding rigged frames. These cruiser frames are for short distance, mellow ridding, at around 3 to 5 mph. We decide to lovingly strap engines to them, and run them at around 25 to 30 mph. With road conditions, body weight, engine vibrations, and endless motoring around, something is going to break. Things would last longer with suspension to absorbe the abuse. That requires a shift kit. And I'll plan that for a future build.

I think I found the exact can of paint as you!!!! LOL!!!! I put 4 coats on last night and it is curing right now. It looks great, and accents the frame perfectly.
We are building twins!!!! Funny, but these "Off the shelf" builds kind of dictate the out come of the end result.
Still, have fun with your build, I am enjoying mine.
Watching my kids enjoy what they have learned and built, is why we started MB'ing
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