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Default Re: If you had to pedal..

Originally Posted by Diver View Post
I'm thinking worst case, you're on the road, in the middle of nowhere- buzzards circling around you in the sky and it happens.. you run out of oil mixed with gas.. what we all need to keep these babies movin'.

Without any downhills in site how long could you pedal for? I'm mean your adrenaline is pumping, maybe your on meth.. how long could you go for? How long could you last?
I only ride where there are people that I can anoy with my smelly ozone destroying exhaust gas motorized bicycle.
I also only ride on roads that go down hill.
I don't think that buzzards would be circling around me because of my smoke cloud would make them fall out of the sky.
I also don't think I would run out of mix that I carry in a trailer that I haul behind my bike.
I quit meth after my last tooth in my head fell out!
Now I only smoke the leaves from some kinda endangered spiecies of plant that I planted in a commie crap motor that I took of a bike that I couldn't figure out how to get running right in the first place.Cause of the meth.
I could ride as far as I could ride a bike without a motor just add 20lbs.
You forgot to put that option in your poll!
Your Poll makes about as much sense as your last rant!Kip.
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