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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

my bike is going slow.. at 15mph .. doesnt sound like a air leak.. could i hear it if it was? my clutch acts fine until it runs for a short bit and then when i go to pull the clutch lever in and lock it in place.. it then does not want to free wheel. but yes it free wheels at first.. any ideas? i know this might be off topic but i ride mine everyday and need it for work and yeah i ran it through a few snow banks today because i wanted to see how far i could make it through the twelve foot section that was cover by about three feet of snow..lmao.. made it through it. wonder if i should just get a new engine and rip this one apart and fix it just incase i need it for later or i could make it a really fast one.. lend me a hand guys.
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