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Default Re: HELP! Speedometer keep resetting itself when engine starts!

If my memory serves correctly I think someone said to use a magnecore type lead.
But if failing that see if you can find yaself a SIGMA branded speedometer they are a little more expensive but worth it Mine was $39 and its never skipped a beat after being wet, crashed on, left in the sun,etc.
Remember to get yourself a leaded one when/if looking.
I wasted a whole lot of time and money once before trying just about everything and I can tell ya now save yourself the headache and get a good quality one its just a PITA when ya try all this stuff and it doesnt work out.

But in saying this I'd try the lead out ya can fit an 8mm one in but you might just need to shave abit of the insulaltion off so it goes back in the CDI. I superglued mine in but just a personnel preference thing I guess.
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