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Default Re: When are you riding for too long?

My oil mix is currently about 24:1 or so, can't remember exactly what measurement I did; it was estimate either way also.

I currently ride it at about medium throttle with a few open ones here and there.

Reason why I ask is the previous seller I purchased from does the stress testing and break in period before shipping so we don't have to, and mentioned not to rev too high initial for the first few runs as it will also struggle a bit as it sets in.
On this new engine, I'm doing medium with a few full open ones no problem, which makes me think back what the other seller was on about, which I realise that they also stress test it at extreme speeds, so it should have been good to go ground up...

Anyways, thanks for the explanation of jetting mp43sniper.
The only thing on my carburetor is the idle screw, so I guess I just need to be weary of my mixture and also how much I burn during idle.

Can't wait to ride this to work; just waiting for my rear basket to arrive so I can carry my lunch box on it.
Hate the fact of going through all the morning traffic though...
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