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Default Re: Don't like coaster brakes?

[QUOTE=OK, 2 pulleys that draw to each other and pull a lever about midway with the attaching arm connection to the chain of the brake at the end to increase the throw and keep the mechanical advantage. Would add 4X the pulling force reduce cable travel 75%. But the arm would make up for the lost travel, at least some of it.

My head hurts[/QUOTE]

My ultralight plane had a cheap go-kart drum brake on the front wheel that took a LOT of pressure to be effective. I jokingly called them no-slows.

I bought a sliding door ball bearing pulley at tru-value and bolted it to the brake lever where the cable was hooked before.
I routed the brake cable around the pulley 180deg and fixed the end of the cable to the fork tube.

This doubled the tension on the brake arm when I used the brakes. they were great brakes after that mod.

This would work with the front coaster mod too, to cut the brake pressure needed in half.
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