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Default Re: Gasoline resistant paint?

Originally Posted by Black_Moons View Post
Really? I allready bought some tremclad 'Professional' primer/semigloss black to paint it with. but was told that basicly all spray cans have next to 0 fuel resistance.
As for clear coat.. Clear coat of *what*, theres dozens of types of clear coatings.. Only one Iv seen that advertises fuel resistance, Wanted a 300f bake for 2 hours, and my oven is not big enough, Nore do I want to put painted objects into my oven.

The two part clear coats seem.. very hard to get around here, and im told are typicaly insanely toxic to the point where you want a full posative pressure respirator and body suit.
Yes some spray bombs I've used, krylon comes to mind, are not fuel proof even after a winter of curing in my warm garage. Tremclad\RustOleum is tho after it cures and my current bike is painted with it. Slopped fuel on it many times and it wipes off without so much as even a stain leftover. Base\clear type automotive touch up paints are fuel proof too, painted a few motorcycle tanks over the years with the base\clear spray bombs they sell at my local Canadian Tire with great success.
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