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Default Re: Quart Can Of Premixed Fuel

Originally Posted by Hammond Egger View Post
I was at The Home Depot today and noticed this so I picked one up. 50:1 premixed. Shelf life of two years AFTER opening, 93 octane, synthetic oil, NO ethanol. At $20.00 a gallon I doubt that I'll use it exclusively but I'll stick one in my saddlebags in case I ever run out.

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I bought one at Craftsman (SEARS) to use for my OWN premix as a reserve can in my Swedish Red-Cross medical saddlebags and the pre-mix within IS DREADFUL SWILL the engine did NOT like it at all (I hadda get rid of the fuel to make an spare gas can)

Unless you want the empty can don't buy that dreck!

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