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Originally Posted by splinterbutt View Post
I just stumbled across this intresting hobby about a week ago and I am hooked. I really like the BTR look and have an interest in building on of those bikes. I have been reading a bunch of threads trying to decide on which motor to go with. It looks as if the Morini s6 is for me. I also have a big interest in Pats Sportman Flyer Racer. Hopefully I can get one built over the next 6 months or so.

I'm Hoodoo. I am just south of Austin. Have built a couple cruisers in the BTR style post on a couple of forums, one bike is a short frame (Kingsbury Special) the other an extended frame (Choctaw) but with the more common for the time cruiser type handle bars. Still experimenting.
MarkV is also from the Austin area and has built a Cyclone cruiser. The more BTR style bikes the better, one of these day might be able to get a Texas meet up. I am thinking going up to an 8.5 HP Harley tribute this go around
but expect a lot more work as indeed it won't be a bolt on but my cuz and I want to expand the horizon now that we have built a short frame and an extended frame for 66cc, but the low end power of the 8.5 intrigues me....over 20-25 MPH is too fast for me but I would love the lower end power to comfortably putter at around 10 MPH for parades and pedaling in the heat of summer parades. I am starting a rural "track" down in Kingsbury (at Kingsbury aerodrome where there are other attractions like very old airplanes on a grass airfield, Model T's, stuff like that), it will be winding, dirt, and around trees and such but it might be quite fun. My goal is to set up a place where motorized bikes can be enjoyed and videoed and photographed in a vintage setting and we have an office and porch where discussions can be had. We have had some living history folks come down for our semiannual airfairs from Dallas and there is just more an more interest with early appearing motorcycles and bikes, but I want a venue that is available for coming down on weekends, not just the air fairs.
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