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Default Winter Maintenance

I'm commuting to school everyday about 2km probably a little under 2km. It's about a 5 minute ride and it beats the 20 minute walk with a heavy book bag.
This is my first gas bike. I'm on my second engine and it is from zoom, it's been awesome so far. I'd say there are at very least 500km on this motor. The bike is a cheap dpt store mtb that I salvaged the frame from the garbage striped down and coated with rocker guard to protect it and cut the vibrations down. I wanted this frame because of the semi horizontal drop outs that make is easier to tension the chain. The wheel set is steel, with 12 gauge spokes single speed coaster break that has awesome stopping power and little to no upkeep which rocks. I have a squished cns carb on it, definitely liking the handle bar mounted choke and this thing looks awesome other then being a bit squished. The biggest downfall is that you can't buy 1" threaded forks with disc tabs, a F disc break and a seat mounted tank would make this perfect in my eyes but I'm not crazy enough to pay $300 for a tank that not worth 1/4 of that.. that's my 2 cents!

I'm making a couple more of these, this a test one. I've purchased two bikes both red comfort crusers from trek and khs so very excited about those projects I'll put some pictures upp

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