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Default Re: When are you riding for too long?

Originally Posted by bitsnpieces View Post
Sounds great! Still in my break in period, so any tips on a more efficient way of doing the break in? Safe to run it for long a long time?
What fuel to oil mix are you using? We recommend starting at about 24:1 then after a gallon or so, some will say 2 gallons, move to a 32:1 fuel to oil mix. Many instructions supplied with the engines will tell you to use a 16:1 mix which in most cases has been found to be too much oil.
Most have found it is better not to 'baby' these little engines. In fact some of the most successful builders will tell you to run them hard from the start. I fall somewhere in the middle with some wide open throttle fast runs broken up with cruising at reasonable speeds then back to some WOT.
Good luck, ride safe.
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