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Default Re: Panama jack failure!!!!!!

Agreed, These are just Bicycles. And this particular Huffy is awsome looking, with a cool name to boot. But the problem is the aluminum frame. I read some warnings about aluminum fames, but still could not resist the Panama Jack.
Everyone keep in mind, This might not happen to everyone, or anyone else. I am 6' 2", 80% muscle, and 240 lbs. Not a small person in anyones book. It just might be that the Panama Jack could not handle the engine, and me at the same time. Then there is the terrain in my area, bumpy to say the least. All things combined caused the failure.
My intension for posting this was to have everyone take a look and see if it was happening to thier Panama Jacks. At a minimum save someone from a crash. I hope this is a rare occurrence, and only happend to me.
As for my kids,,,, They are bummed for sure, but are excited to build the next one!!!!
Thanks for everyones simpathy,,, I am more concerned with others safety.
Watching my kids enjoy what they have learned and built, is why we started MB'ing
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