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Default rear wheel not engaging

ok i have posted on here several times, and after following various peoples advice that responded, i am still having the same problem. here is the seneriao. i start my bike the normal way, peddling down a slight hill to gather speed, let the clutch out, but when i twist the throttle, nothing happens, and the engine dies. i noticed too that the rear wheel is not engaging. the engine is running, but i am getting no throttle response. does anyone else have (or had) this problem? I have plenty of gas, but like i said the wheel is not engaging, and i get nothing when i twist the throttle. and yes, the throttle cable is connected and working. please help. i dont have the money to take it to a shop to get fixed, so i am trying to do the repairs myself. if anyone is interested, i can send my number so that u can hear what i am talking about. thanks
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