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Default Re: Wally World Huffy Vs Schwinn

I try to stay away from 6th street. I don't know what it is about my looks but it seems that I attract either people who want to fight me or cops harassing me for being white on a Wednesday I guess it is the wrong place to stand if you are six one, weight in at about 235lbs have a shaved head and wear a goatee? BTW I only seem to have this problem when on 6th street or nearby on I quit going around there.

To get back on topic maybe the entry levels should only be Mountain Bikes like the Redline Monocog? The problem then becomes cost prohibitive to the college crowd. Yeah it is only 500 bucks for the bike but it is still going to need the HD wheels etc and now we are still at over a grand in build cost. I would like to keep the build cost at around 5-600 and keep the end user cost under 800.

What are your thoughts Baird?

What cruiser complete bikes have a "decent" frame but will not cost as much as a Felt ( I must say that is MY cruiser of choice but the mounts for the engine cost as much as the engines ) or a Worksman ( I refuse to put a rag joint on ANY bike)

I like cruisers because I absolutely HATE derailleurs! On any personal bike I have owned, the amount of tuning (and they are still never perfect) and frustration is enough to make me want to hurl it in the ditch

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